SELECTION (hiring) - Dove's lecture

I.  When we hire we are filling a specific vacancy.  To know 
    exactly what we need we must:

     A.  Do job analysis

     B.  Develop decision making tools - which we apply to 
         candidates to render "Go" or "No Go" decisions.

     C.  Develop procedures for implementing the decision making 
          1.  Note the transparency Dove used in class.

     D.  Track the performance of the decision making tools.
          1.  What?  Why?
          2.  Must we validate decision making tools?
               a.  two-rule test of legality of tests

II.  Problem:  Do our decision making tools really select the 
     right people?

     A.  Why do we care?
          1.  You may want to hire the best people and leave the 
              rest to your competitors.
          2.  You may have to justify the use of your test in 
              Court.  Why?

     B.  Ergo:  Good practice for reasons 1 & 2 above dictate 
                that we assess all tests to see that we select the correct 

     C.  What is a test?
          1.  Common definition
          2.  Legal definition

     D.  Characteristics of Good Tests
          1.  Reliability - what is it and how is it measured
          2.  Validity  - what is it, how is it measured later.

          1.  Reliability - measured via correlational tests
               a.  define
               b.  characterisitics of correlation coefficients
                    i.  range -1.0 thru 0 to +1.0
                    ii.  positive or negative
                    iii. strength of relationship and + or -
                    iv.  e.g. of correlation applied to reliability
                         (a) test/retest, (b) interjudge agreement

          2.  Why is reliability important?
               a.  essentail to validity -  sets an upper bound on validity
               b.  relatively easy to do

          3.  Validity - How is it established?
               a.  content
               b. criterion-related
                    i.  predictive
                    ii.  concurrent
               c. construct

          4.  Application: 
               a.  Can I reliably measure your IQs with tape measure
               b.  Relationship of GPA and GRE.  Is GRE a valid measure 
                   of GPA 
               c.  Employment application
               d.  Cases:  Marie Pendergas, Tim Roe, Paula Scott

III.  Test Utility

IV.  Types of Tests use in Selection.

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