From Theory to Practice: Creative Group Project


The goal of this assignment is for you to show your understanding of different developmental and learning theories and how they can inform our child rearing and educational practices.

For this purpose you will pick one developmental stage and discuss the following aspects:


1. Briefly describe the most important developmental characteristics at this stage, addressing all domains: physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

2. What are the main ideas of each of the theorists and what strategies would you employ to support the development and learning of the child, either in the home or at school, if you wanted to apply aspects of these theories. Refer to each theorist separately, provide at least one strategy for each theorist and explain why:

3. You do not need to cite your sources and no bibliography is needed.

Work in groups of two or three people and think about a creative way to present your knowledge and understanding of the topic. For example:

- produce a brief video and post it on youtube, and show it in class on the last day we meet.

- use VoiceThread and prepare a group project.

- design a webpage using Wikispaces

- prepare a creative presentation using Prezi or PowerPoing

- design a digital story

- compose songs

- prepare a scrap book

- prepare a poster

- create some other fun way to present your understanding

I encourage you to take some risks and to have fun

Assessment Rubric

1. Brief description of developmental characteristics of the developmental stage chosen: (10 points)

2. Main ideas of the theorists and examples of strategies related to the theory: (42 points)

3. Creativity: Originality, aesthetic presentation, craftmanship, risk taking.

(18 points)