Pre-Lab Report


W1 (Aug20)

  No lab this week.    

W2 (Aug27)

  Lab 1. Introduction and EXCEL    

W3 (Sep 3)


Lab 2. Waves 1; SHM and Data Studio

PreLab1 Turn in Labnote

W4 (Sep10)

  Lab 3. Waves 2; Speed of Sound and Oscilloscopes (Oscilloscope Reference) PreLab2  

W5 (Sep17)

  Lab 4. Waves 2; Speed of Sound II No Prelab  

W6 (Sep24)

  Lab 5. Static Electricity Manuals  

W7 (Oct 1)

  Lab 6. Electric Resistance and Ohm's Law Manuals  

W8 (Oct 8)

  Lab 7. DC Circuits Manuals  

W9 (Oct15)

  Lab 8. Magnetic Field I (Solenoids)(Report1) Manuals  


  Lab 9. Magnetic Field II (Helmholtz Coils)   Report 1 Due


  Lab 10. Geometric Optics: Properties of Light    

W12 (Nov 5)

  Lab11. Thin Lenses    

W13 (Nov12)

  Lab12. Polarization    

W14 (Nov19)

  Lab13. Diffraction


Labnote Due
W15(Nov26)   Thanksgiving day holiday


W16(Dec 3)   Lab14. Make Up Lab