W1 (Aug26)


Appendix A, Chap.1

No Homework Due This week!

W2 (Aug31)

  MiRaTreeReport1 Due Sep4 (Friday)
HW0 Due Sep4

W3 (Sep 7)

  MiRaTree_TrashList Due Sep11(Friday)
List all trash you dispose for one week. (From this weekend till Thursday next week) If you separate the recycling items from the landfill garbage, list them separately.


W4 (Sep14)


HW1 Due Sep16 (W)
We start the MiRaTree Journal this week!

Google Search "Miratree Pandora's Pizza box" Read it, leave a comment or send me your thought through an e-mail this weekend!

Quiz1 Sep16

W5 (Sep21)


HW2 Due Sep25

Exam1 Sep25

W6 (Sep28)

  Google Search "Miratree Waiting for Rain in CA" Read it, leave a comment or send me your thought by e-mail. (Due Oct.2)

W7 (Oct 5)

  HW3 Due Oct5 (M)(changed to Oct9) Quiz2 Oct9

W8 (Oct12)

  HW4 Due Oct23 (F)  

W9 (Oct19)


Read the recent page in and leave a comment or send your feedback by e-mail. (Due Oct23)

Oct 21) Have a tour on the sustainability day event this Wednesday. Send me your picture in front of your favorite event there. We don't have a class this Wednesday.

Quiz3 Oct23


Topic3 HW5 Due Nov4 (W)  

W11(Nov 2)

    Quiz4 Nov4
Exam2 Nov 6

W12 (Nov 9)


W13 (Nov16)

  HW6 Due Dec4 (F)


W14 (Nov23)

  Thanksgiving Holiday! (Nov25-27)  
W15(Nov30)     Quiz on Dec4
W16(Dec 7)     MiRaiTree Journal
Due Dec 11(F)
Final Dec18 (Friday) 2 - 3:50 Final Exam