A Sample Literature Review Table

You can modify to meet your needs. I put the page on landscape view to give me more room. If I copy the article, I also make a note where a put the darn article if I copied it!

Content Area: ___________________

Sub topic: ______________________ I copied this article and put it: ____________________





Sample/ Setting


Key Findings



V&R or Trustworthiness and Credibility:















Article Summary

This paragraph is where you write a subjective comment on the article. For example: "This is an Ah Ha! article and one I want to replicate for my proposal" or a "I can't believe this got published article! Here are the fatal flaws as I see them." You can add any other stuff that seems to stand out to you such as: do the procedures ensure reliable and valid data, are the methods described in sufficient clarity for replication, or are conclusions supported by the data?