N 396 Nursing Mentor Program

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Welcome Mentors!


Thank you for being part of a wonderful program that aims to create a team of connected and supportive nursing students.


When asked about the greatest benefit received from this experience, mentees answered:

“An available ear for moments of freak out, recommendations for study habits.”

“Knowing there was someone I could talk to who had already been through what I was going through.”

“It was a good way to interact with someone who has more experience than I do.”

More mentee feedback:

“(My mentor) was honest, trustworthy, available, supportive, and very encouraging.”

“Keep this program going, I want to keep my mentor.”

“Great idea to fill a big need.”

When asked about the greatest benefit received from this experience, mentors said:

“Working in a leadership role.”

“Good experience on building professional skills.”

“Feeling that I was able to help new nursing students & give them the support & knowledge I wish I had been given.”

“Working on developing a professional relationship, setting boundaries with “co-workers”, positive communication, leadership skills, working on becoming positive role model.”

 Roles and expectations:

  1. Decide if you want to earn units for your mentoring participation. If you do, simply add the N396 course to your class schedule on WebCT. You are eligible to take 1 unit per mentee. There is not much extra work involved in getting the unit(s) and it can boost your GPA. You will also receive a certificate of recognition from the NMP and letter of appreciation from program director Dr. Liz Close for your portfolio. Look for the necessary paperwork in your fall semester welcome packet and look over the syllabus to see if you are interested.
  2. Keep up the good work. Check in with your mentor/mentee at least once a week if you are taking the course for credit. If not, maintain open communication lines with your mentee and check in regularly according to mentor/mentee needs. It doesn’t have to be formal, a phone call, email, lunch date, or impromptu study session. (Remember mentors that there is no such thing as getting too much practice on those basic skills, your mentee may even be able to refresh your mind.)
  3. Attend Nurse Mentor Program (NMP) meetings . (see schedule)
  4. Fill out the formative (mid-semester) evaluation, summative (end of semester) evaluation and Objectives Worksheet . This will be easy because we will all do them together at the scheduled meetings.
  5. Keep in contact with NMP coordinators . We know that you are busy and that stuff comes up throughout the semester. We strongly believe that the “f-word” is an integral part of our program. Just be the best mentor/mentee you can be and don’t worry about the rest!
  6. Attend NCSSU meetings to discuss the NMP and keep updated.
  7. Keep professionalism and program integrity in mind during each of your mentor relationship interactions. You are a role model, model behavior that upholds the 8 concepts which are the foundations for our program (outlined on every class syllabus)!


Here are some resources that will be helpful to you in your development as a mentor: (check out at least one or 2 of these. They are simple, easy to read, and a wealth of information.)


This website provides you with most of what you will need to participate in the program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of your friendly NMP coordinators at NMPSSU@gmail.com or program faculty Jeanette Koshar at koshar@sonoma.edu.


“Watching/helping others allows me to see where I have been. It helps me to reflect on my past to better design my future.” -Unknown


SSUN Mentor Program Coordinators:

Alison Hain

Heather Pallo

Kelly Baker


Jeanette Koshar, RN, NP, PhD
Office: (707) 664-2649
Email: jeanette.koshar@sonoma.edu