N 425 Senior Clinical Studies

Sample Letters of Intent


Here are a couple of well done letters of intent. They aren't perfect, but serve as a springboard for your letter!



Marvelous Person

Nurse Educator

Best Hospital

000 Best Hospital Way

Best, CA


Dear Ms. Person,

I am a nursing student at Sonoma State University interested in completing my senior clinical preceptorship on the psychiatric unit at Best Hospital during Spring 2009. I believe that clients with behavioral and mental health needs absolutely deserve the very best care possible, and I am personally drawn to the work of providing mental health services. In a time when mental health resources are vanishing, passionate, effective psychiatric nurses are a necessity. I’ve found that the moments I have enjoyed most in working with clients over the past 2 years are the intimate conversations, in which I’ve been able to relate, provide resources, and discuss solutions with clients.

My professional goals include working as a psychiatric nurse in inpatient, as well as outpatient facilities, and eventually pursuing a Masters in Counseling. Best Hospital is a reputable institution that offers comprehensive services, fulfilling Best County’s mental health care needs, and I hope to contribute to your healthcare team’s standard of excellence.

In May 2009, I will graduate with a B.S. in Nursing, and my current GPA is 3.9. In November 2008, I will be inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor Society of Nursing. During my schooling I have worked in a variety of clinical settings and have completed over 1080 hours of clinical experience, with 400 hours on a med surge unit, and 90 hours on an inpatient psychiatric unit.

I am committed to excellence and client advocacy, I seek out learning opportunities, and I work well in groups. I am open-minded and respectful of others’ opinions, while asserting my own point of view. I have received feedback from my clinical instructors such as, “strong critical thinking skills, organized, caring and respectful, professional demeanor, and good communication skills,” which provides further insight into why I am a good candidate for Best Hospital.

Apart from my education in nursing, I have training in conflict mediation and over 40 hours of domestic violence training. I also speak Spanish, which will enhance my capacity to communicate and advocate for my Spanish-speaking clients.

I have volunteered with Catalyst Domestic Violence Services as a Crisis Line Counselor and with the American Red Cross as a tobacco cessation group facilitator. As the Senior Class President of my high school, I learned how to effectively run meetings, delegate tasks, oversee committees, and organize and plan events. In conclusion, I look forward to developing a thriving partnership with Best Hospital.


Thank you for considering me,


Best Student






Nurse Educator

Best Hospital

000 Best Hospital Way

Best, CA


Dear Nurse Educator,

I am writing to inform you of my desire to complete my Senior Clinical Preceptorship at your Fair City facility. I am a RN-BSN student at Sonoma State University and I plan to graduate in the Fall of 2009. After graduation, I am planning to apply to a Master’s program and earn a MSN degree. I have been a Critical Care Nurse for 23 years and possess a wealth of experiences.

Although I enjoy my work in Critical Care, I am seeking to broaden my horizons in nursing. It is my desire to precept with you in your role as Nurse Educator and I am also interested in working with those RN’s who teach clients at your facility as an outpatient basis.

Currently, I am employed at Summit Medical Center in the Intensive Care/ Cardiopulmonary Unit. I have worked as Staff Nurse as well as Charge Nurse over the years. I am also serving in a very new role for me as an Adjunct Clinical Instructor for pre-licensure BSN students at Samuel Merritt School of Nursing. This experience has been very rewarding and very uplifting. This role has aided me in my decision to precept as Nurse Educator. I am aware that there is a shortage of educators and this is certainly one way that I can give back to the field of nursing that I have greatly benefited from over the years.

I have selected Best Hospital in Your Fair City as a Senior Clinical Preceptorship because of the strong, well known history of promoting an atmosphere of educating your patient population with varying educational methods. I have also selected Best Hospital in Your Fair City because of the use of Nurse Educators who provide the staff with current research and evidence-based teaching modalities. What an excellent way to ensure that all staff RN’s stay current in their practice.

Besides my duties as a RN at Summit Medical Center, I am also a Co-Chair of our newly formed Partnership Council where we seek to discover methods to better serve our patients, staff and other members of our health care team. Currently, I am running a campaign for School Board Trustee in my local city where I will continue my efforts of educating the community and hopefully encourage and promote the field of nursing to our future generations. I look forward to meeting and working with you soon. Thank you in advance for assisting me as I explore other horizons in nursing.