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Marine Ecology
Science of the salty, the slimy & the spineless in the sea
Teaching Philosophy

As a science educator, my teaching philosophy emphasizes challenging my students to think (a lot) and develop:

1) an appreciation of science as a way of learning how the natural world works,
2) strong critical thinking skills, and
3) the ability to learn independently. 

    Courses I teach (or have taught) at Sonoma State University are listed below and include links to recent syllabi so you can get a sense of the kinds of learning experiences I create for my students and the range of topics we address in each course. 

    Current Semester Fall 2013


    Invertebrate Biology (Biol 335)
    A Watershed year (SCI 120)

      Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:30-4:30 pm (or by appointment)

    Students enrolled in my classes may access course materials via Moodle

    Previous Semesters

    moon snail

    Invertebrate Biology
    Biol 322  (Sample Syllabus)

    Marine Ecology
    Biol 335  (Sample Syllabus)

    Biological Oceanography
    Biol 312  (Syllabus)

    Ocean Science Literacy for School & Society
    Biol/EDMS 400  (Syllabus)

    Diversity, Structure & Function
    Biol 121  (Syllabus)

    Graduate Seminars

    SAS Workshop for Applied Data Analysis
    Biol 500S  (sample Syllabus)

    Professional Skills Seminar
    Biol 500s  (Syllabus)

    Philosophy of Science
    Biol 500s  (Syllabus)

    Sounds Science and Sound Bites: Ecology in the News
    Biol 500s  (Syllabus)

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