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Jack Ou, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Engineering Science, Sonoma State University

Ph,D., M.S., and B.S. Rutgers University (Piscataway Campus)

Research Interest: Low power CMOS analog/RF integrated circuits


Current Project:

Low Power Oscillator Circuit Design for Wearable Applications.


Selected Publications Since Joining SSU:

Ou, J. and Ferreira, P., “Transconductance/Drain Current Based Sensitivity Analysis for Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits”, International NEWCAS Conference, Paris, France, June 2013

Ou, J., and Farahmand, F., “Transconductance/Drain Current Based Distortion Analysis for Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits,” International NEWCAS Conference, Montreal, Canada, June 2012.

Ou, J., “Transconductance/Drain Current Based Noise Analysis for CMOS Analog Circuit,” IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and System, Seoul, Korea, August, 2011.

Previous Projects:

Transconductance/Drain Current Based Sensitivity/Distortion/Noise Design Methodology.

VerilogAMS Verification of a Low Density Parity Code (LDPC) Forward Error Correction Ciruit.

Voltage Controlled Oscillator in 180 nm/65 nm CMOS.

A WCDMA Downconverter circuit in 90nm/65 nm CMOS.

A High Frequency Distributed Current Commutating Mixer.

Inductor/Transformer/Transmission Line Modeling.

Inductance Calculation of Complex Internnect


Selected Presentations with Undergraduate Students:

Ou, J., Saephan, C., Maldonado, A., Kikuchi, J., Farahmand, F., and Caggiano, M., “A Low-Cost PCB Fabrication Process,” Electrical Components and Technology Conference, Orlando, Fl, May 2014.

Saephan, C. and Ou, J., “Design and Fabrication of an RF Band-Pass Filter,” Oral Presentation at ES-Agilent Summer Research Academy, July 2013.

Tran, D and Ou, J., “A Digital Notch Filter for an ECG Circuit” CSUPERB, Stanta Clara, CA, January, 2014.