February 5, 2007

Meeting(s) with the Archbishop

We are now finally at sea and today classes began (mine start tomorrow). The air is BUZZING with excitement and anticipation. Students are going through all of the emotional stuff you would expect on the first day of school, but given that we are all together on this ship, and headed around the Earth -- it's especially poignant.

And there is another reason that today was quite a special day for us. This morning Ryder had a wonderful time playing with Archbishop Tutu. He is a grandfather of seven, so he knows how to entertain and bring the giggles out of a young one. After lots of peakaboos and funny noises and cooing, he parted by simply saying to Ryder, "God bless you my son." Indeed.

At the moment I am blogging away in the faculty lounge with one other person. (guess who) Yea, you guessed it, Bishop Tutu. (yes he uses a laptop too, but it's a PC. As a Mac user, I'll set him straight about the evil empire later) We haven't spoken other than informal greetings (he greets each person with a smile and a how are you), but I can tell you that the light in his eyes and the love in his heart can be felt. It's not who he is known to be that is the source of this light. It is who he is. I'm sure I would feel this same energy if we just met on the street and I had no idea "who he was." I'm sure you have all had such encounters in life where you go, wow, that person had amazingly pure and loving energy. That was my experience just before sitting down to type this entry. Stay tuned!

Posted by rohwedde at February 5, 2007 12:57 PM