February 10, 2007

Bienvenido a Puerto Rico


We arrived in Puerto Rico to a formal greeting aboard ship from the Governor and Secretary of State. Lots of media on hand as well as additional security. Given that Archbishop Tutu is on the voyage, we suspect we may have similar welcomes in other ports.

The Old Town of this city is spectacular. It's a maze of tiny little streets filled with Spanish colonial architecture with the classic ironwork balconies, bougainvillea flowers, cobblestone streets, pastel colors, public plazas, and pedestrian traffic.


Our first day here we hit the Big K for a stash of diapers and more baby food since this is our last certain chance to find such "essentials" easily. We've enjoyed the local beaches with azure waters and soft white sand, toured the old forts, and Rocky had a great nighttime kayak trip to experience some amazing bioluminescence.


Ryder continues to be a shipboard celebrity. He is known by name by all the staff and many of the students. We have already been approached by several volunteer baby sitters and Ryder has been "adopted" by a lovely couple and their adopted 10-yr-old child from Cambodia. We even had a two-hour journey to old town without Ryder in tow. Yesterday he learned to clap. (He's been at many gatherings with lots of applause, so perhaps he felt the need to join in.)

This evening we set sail for Brazil and Carnival! Fasten your seatbelts. (or should we say, Grab your life vests?) Can you imagine 700 university students and Carnival? We hope they all get back on the ship!

Posted by rohwedde at February 10, 2007 9:50 AM