March 14, 2007

It's Not an Adventure Until Something Happens

Never a Dull Moment

First off, everything and everyone is fine. The photo above shows the cyclone that has been churning up our seas BIGTIME as we rocked and rolled our way from South Africa to Mauritius. The bigger island outlined under the cyclone is Madagascar and we are about to pull into the one of the little islands in the lower right (Mauritius). As we write this entry, the skies are beginning to clear and we know that for the moment the cyclone is headed towards the west and away from us. Last night as the ship tossed and turned we were at times lifted up in the air off of our bed, and then flopped back down. Think of an involuntary trampoline at 3 am. Everyone is very sleepy this morning but full of that energy rush of life you feel after surviving a Class V rapid or your first Black Diamond ski run. You know, that little tingle that says "Dang, I'm sooo happy we made it through that ... and now let's do it again!" Actually, for this adventure at sea, one dance with a cyclone will be plenty thank you.

Once we get to an internet cafe on shore we'll get busy bringing you up to date with some tales and photos of our AMAZING time in S. Africa. Stay tuned!

Posted by rohwedde at March 14, 2007 11:04 PM