March 18, 2007

Safari Time

While in Cape Town, Rocky had the chance to sneak away for a few days on safari (Shawn has been on safari in Kenya years ago). The Djuma Game reserve borders Kruger National Park, very close to Mozambique. Here you see all the same animals as the national park, but FAR fewer tourists. This reserve is also very conscientious on a number of levels. They only hire locals as guides (folks who grew up in the bush) and they pump their proceeds back into the local community (they have built both a preschool and an elementary school for the local village, which still has no electricity or running water). It was an amazing experience, complete with a total lunar eclipse. Oh my! We'd get up at 5 am each day to head out on a jeep (myself, two guides with guns, and one or two other tourists). The cool morning breeze was filled with the scratchy sounds of insects, a subtle hint of the intense heat yet to come, and a dose of anticipatory adrenaline. We were never disappointed! There are oodles more to share (including lions at night, giraffes, hyenas, eagle hawks and a gazillion other amazing birds, many types of antelope, etc), but here are a few favorite photos of familiar charismatic vertebrates. Remember folks, this ain't no zoo. It's the real deal. Enjoy!

"Sleepy Safari Dude says hey to the folks back home"

Posted by rohwedde at March 18, 2007 7:47 PM