May 10, 2007

Japan ... simply fantastic


Japan was a fantastic experience! Let's see ... we had a warm welcome from friends, were treated to a traditional tea ceremony, Rocky did a presentation on Education for Sustainable Development at a Kyoto university, we took in a baseball game, rode the bullet train, ate AMAZING food, witnessed why the Japanese have only half the ecological footprint of folks in the U.S., and left ready to return asap. Here are a few illustrative photos.

For those of you who don't read Japanese, this says "some groovy dude from California is talking about the role of higher education in sustainable development" (or something like that).

I had a FANTASTIC interpreter!

Here are my Japanese colleagues who co-presented.

We were treated by my colleague Shinichi Furihata to a wonderful traditional tea ceremony the morning before my presentation. Beautiful gardens, tea room, and ceremony! Ryder loved the green tree frog in the garden.

We took the bullet train to Kyoto (fantastic) and along the way ...

... we ate Japanese FAST food.

We also took in a Japanese baseball game and hung out with the WILD fans!

This fan was named "Rocky" so we had to pose with my autographed jersey!

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