June 17, 2009

OH, Canada


So long land, hello Atlantic. 720 students from 300 universities and over a dozen nations are now aboard the MV Explorer. We left the sunny, clear skies of Halifax, Nova Scotia yesterday. Leaving behind sobbing parents, land sweet land, the security of known social relationships, language, food, etc. --- they have entered a vast unknown (physically, emotionally, socially, and more). "Lost at sea" may have a new, profound meaning for these young folks (and the rest of us too).


Today out on the open Atlantic we've encountered some very "rocky" seas. As I'm blogging away I look out over a white cap laden sea and listen to the howling winds swirl around us. Although I'm on the 7th floor (think 7 stories high), every now and then the waves crash over the bow and drench the windows that surround the faculty lounge. As an old kayak buddy use to say, "It's not an adventure until something happens." Well, I think these crazy seas officially count as something happening.

On the ship we all learn about the F word. Flexibility. With classes starting tomorrow, the faculty who haven't sailed before will become profoundly aware that this is a very different experience than they are accustom to on dry land.

Meanwhile, Ryder is already a hit on the ship and seems immune to the rock and roll. He misses Miles our dog and wants to know why he isn't with us, and if can please come on board tomorrow.

Here are a few photos to give you a taste of beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Posted by rohwedde at June 17, 2009 9:54 AM