June 19, 2009

Rockin on the Atlantic

We have now been at sea for three days, with four more to go before we reach Cadiz, Spain. Today the seas are rockin again (after a short respite yesterday), but we are all adapting (catching each other as we fall down stairways, bouncing off walls, holding the podium as we lecture, etc.) Most of us are fully medicated by now, so we all feel a lot better. Say, if you would like to view a 10 minute "student's tour" of the ship, check out this web site.

Classes have begun (today was day two). I have 30+ students in both of my courses (Sustainable Communities, and Energy, Technology and Society). These are a bright lot (mean GPA = 3.3). While most of them are from the U.S., I also have students from other developed national (e.g. Canada and EU nations) and not-so-developed nations (such as Mongolia). Assigned readings this week include "Science and Technology for Sustainable Well Being" (a recommended read), recently published in Science by John Holdren, former president of the American Academy of Sciences and current science adviser for President Obama. OK, time for dinner. When the seas are calm, here is an example of where we like to dine!


Posted by rohwedde at June 19, 2009 11:28 AM