July 10, 2009

Croatia, It Will Amaze Ya


Our next stop on this amazing journey is Dubrovnik, Croatia. On the way here we passed the active Mt. Etna on Sicily as well as those ubiquitous oil tankers. Located across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, Croatia has been a special experience on many levels.

Since Dubrovnik is home to our ship's captain, even our arrival began with a special welcome. As we navigated past small islands into the port, at one point the ship stopped and her horn was sounded. This was the captain's unique form of "honey, I'm home." And in reply, from a small villa on shore a flag was waived by the captain's wife, welcoming us all to their home-sweet-home.

Croatia's coastal beauty is well known by Europeans who flock to her shores in droves to enjoy the azure blue waters, historical architecture, and a relief from the intense inland heat. While definitely a tourist destination, so far we've thoroughly enjoyed the World Heritage site of the Old City (still riddled with bombing evidence from the war here in the early 1990s), the incredible mountains of nearby Montenegro (the newest country in Europe since recently separating from Serbia), and especially kayaking around the small islands nestled throughout the Adriatic Sea.

The Old City in Dubrovnik, heavily bombed in the early 1990s
The Adriatic Sea is FINE with me

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