July 12, 2009

Sea Olympics

It's appropriate for the sea Olympics to occur today since tomorrow we will arrive in Athens, Greece. As you might imagine, at sea we have adopted events that are slightly different from most of those in the real Olympics. For example, I just returned from judging the lip syncing contest. My attempt at impersonating Randy Jackson ("dog, check it out, you could sing the phone book") didn't go over too well, but hey, I'm a old college professor. I'll stick to lecturing about climate change and sustainable communities. Other events include jeopardy, tug-o-war, 20-minute makeover, and my personal favorite, synchronized swimming. To give you a flavor of this last event, here is the latest photo montage. Just click on the 'Synchronized Swimming Event" link below the photo. Enjoy!

Synchronized Swimming Event

Posted by rohwedde at July 12, 2009 7:09 AM