July 16, 2009

Greece was Sweet


This was a delightful port of call. We spent our first few days on the Greek Isle of Santorini. Shortly after we arrived we jumped off the MV Explorer and jumped on to a high-speed ferry to this incredible island. As you can surmise from the photo below, Santorini was once a volcanoe. The volcanic eruption of Thera was perhaps the most famous single event in the Aegean before the fall of Troy. This may have been one of the largest volcanic eruptions on Earth in the last few thousand years.

Satellite Image of Santorini

Our time here was as kicked back as it can be when you're parenting a 3-yr old. We basked in the glory of a lack of Semester at Sea students, soaked in the view of iconic architecture and azure blue waters, swam in a groovy little pool perched on the cliff side, munched on fantastic local cuisine, and generally recharged the proverbial psychic batteries. They say that once you come here, you never want to leave. Now we get it.

Just click on the link below the photo for a 3-minute photo montage of the Flavors of Santorini.

The Flavors of Santorini

Posted by rohwedde at July 16, 2009 11:51 AM