October 12, 2010

Video from The Center of the Earth

A couple of days before arriving in Cape Town we had a pretty unique experience. We crossed the equator and the prime meridian at the same time! While not on our original route, our very cool captain made a minor adjustment to head us straight into the zerozero zone (zero degrees latitude and zero degrees longitude). When we hit the exact spot, the captain sounded the ship's horn. Many of us gathered on the back of the ship, some with a GPS in hand, to watch our coordinates and listen for the captain's affirmation of our position. As you can imagine, we had to celebrate -- and much of this unique experience and resulting celebration has been captured on a short video just posted on You Tube. Check it out! Meanwhile, we are now currently just off the coast of Madagascar, bound for Mauritius.

Posted by rohwedde at October 12, 2010 12:34 AM