October 22, 2010

Amazing Mauritius

We recently left the isle of Mauritius (close to Madagascar off the E. coast of Africa). This place was a wild blend of cultures, religions, continents, and ecological conditions. On one block you'll find Hindu shrines, Muslin mosques, synagogues, and churches. You're in Africa, but if you landed here from Mars you'd be sure you were in India. The white sand beaches were pristine and the coral reefs were mostly bleached out from nitrogen. You'd drive past very funky housing and then see the billboard for a new golf course and condo development. You get the idea. Everywhere we go we always head to the main market -- and since we were on an island in the Indian Ocean, we headed for the fish market! Here are a few fish photos and one from the beach!
Shawn saw these and said "Can you say SUSHI!"
Fish face in the fish market

Global ambassador makes another friend
No Photoshop. The sand is really that nice and the water is really that blue

At our next stop, India, the ship has to buy truckloads of distilled water because the available water supply is so funky that even the treatment technologies on this advanced vessel can't bring it up to a safe level. We won't have water for several hours when we arrive in port as they switch over. Some people here are already complaining. But hey, were glad to have ANY safe water. It's wonderful how the experience of world travel makes you pause and reflect on your 'complaints.' I read last week that two million people die each year because they lack access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation. And 4000 children die every day due to diarrhea. I think I'll stop complaining about everything for a while and just count my blessings instead. How about you?

Posted by rohwedde at October 22, 2010 12:05 AM