January 17, 2011

Shanghai, Oh My

This was the first time I have been to Shanghai. I've read fascinating facts and figures on the web, but when we awoke to find ourselves parked on the Yangtze River in the center of Shanghai, with our room over-looking the famous Pudong district, those digital trend lines and data points suddenly bring the scale and pace of it all down to Earth. First of all, any city over 20 million is mind-blowing. This place of course has been riding a rocket ship of economic growth and the recent World Expo added an extra boost (China spent far more money on the Expo than they did on the Olympics). The country has been experiencing GDP growth around 9%/yr (doubling every 8 years!). Shanghai is no doubt developing faster than the country as a whole. So folks, fasten your seat belts, China and India are now in the driver's seat, and their goal is to GROW FAST. It's going to be a wild ride!

Photo taken from our balcony. Great people and vessel watching!
I did some field research while in Shanghai on what will be the world's largest and tallest green building. Click on this Wiki link to the Shanghai Tower (currently under construction) to learn about all of the green design features of this massive undertaking. As part of my research, I took a group of students and some faculty to the offices of the firm designing and managing the construction. We toured the design studios and learned a lot thanks to great presentations and lively discussions. When completed in a few years, the Shanghai Tower will be one of the five tallest buildings in the world (128 stories).

Goofy professor in front of what will be the skyline of Shanghai (tallest is the Shanghai Tower)
We had a good time in Shanghai, even though they blocked our access to Facebook.

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