January 23, 2011


After a long and ROCKIN Pacific crossing, we hit the shores of the USA as we arrived in Honolulu, Oahu and then Hilo, Hawaii. It's funny how your own country, and all that it represents, seems so different when you are away from it for a few months. Coming home always makes me feel proud and embarrassed to be an American. Basic civil liberties as well as access to healthy food and water are appreciated unlike ever before. Big box stores, unbridled consumerism, and massive freeways are even more offensive. In each country, sorting out what you love vs. what you are not so enamored with has been a big lesson in (re)learning what I value (and why). But enough inner analysis! Here are a few photos to capture some views of our short but renewing time in Hawaii.
Two dudes totally soaking in the beach scene
And learning (or relearning) how to surf

Then we headed to the Big Island to hang out with some old friends, soak in more December sunshine, check out the volcano action, and the impact of lava on the local island real estate market.
Location, location, location
Shawn and Ryder and one hot spot

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