July 28, 2012

Huffington Post Blog/Interview on Ecological Handprints

I just did an interview with Alan Briskin on Ecological Handprints
for the Huffington Post. It serves as a focal piece to present the idea of a collective wisdom. As a teaser, below you'll find the introduction and then the link to the interview.


Decades ago, Woody Allen remarked that the human race faced a choice between sudden mass extinction on the one hand or a slow, painful decline into warfare and the degradation of nature. He hoped the human race would have the wisdom to choose.

Are you laughing yet? There may be a third choice.

Human well-being and nature's well-being are inextricably linked. Both the soul and the soil must be nurtured for life to have meaning, generativity, and significance. Yet too often we live with notions of scarcity, that there is not enough or that competing priorities necessitate painful sacrifices.

Dr. Rocky Rohwedder is a professor of environmental science and currently chair of environmental studies at Sonoma State University. In the past few years, he has traveled around the world looking for alternatives to the kinds of fatalistic choices Allen foretold.

For Rocky, this is no laughing matter, but neither is it all about doom and gloom.

To find out what I said, here's the link to the full article and my answers to his thought-provoking questions.

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