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Organizational Justice Research Team

Fall 2016 Research Team

Alvaro Ramos
Emily Wendt
Ang Hindu Sherpa
Erminio Carreno
Madison Minton
Toini Ilonummi
Rachael Begoun
Samara Hanson Velloo
Pierre Peglotti





Thank you to everyone who has participated (in one form or another) in our research! Without your help, we could not complete any of these projects.

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We always can use help, so if the projects below interest you, please participate:

Project 1. Tell us about your SSU experience and earn a WOLFBUCKS card (In person)

You are invited to participate in a study designed to understand your experiences as a Sonoma State student. If you would like to be involved in our study, please sign up for for a time slot below. All participants will receive a $4.00 wolfbuck card as a thank for your time. To make an appointment please go to the internet address below:

(If the sign-up link does not work, try copying and pasting the link into your browser, or emailing us directly. THANKS!)

Project 2. Tell us what young people like you think about physician visits (Internet-based)

We are interested in young people's attitudes and feelings toward physicians.  First, we will ask you to read and respond to a short description of a visit to a hypothetical physicians.  Second, we will ask you a few questions about your most recent visit to a physician. The study takes about 20 minutes to complete. To begin the study, please go to the internet address below:

If you want to stop and start the survey again later, just return to the above link.

Project 3. Undergraduate Mentor Relationships (Internet-based)

We are studying gender differences in students' general feelings about undergraduate teaching assistants. This is a particularly important issue now because of recent and future changes in the use of upper division undergraduates in these mentoring roles. Previous research shows that successful student mentor relationships are linked to both academic and career success but research also show that male and female students define successful and unsuccessful mentor relationships in different ways. The central part of this study requires you to read a brief description of a recent student complaint and then answer a set of questions about your reactions. 

If you identify as a female CSU student, please go to the internet address below:

If you identify as a male CSU student, please go to the internet address below:

Thank you for volunteering your time to further our research.

Fall 2014 Team

2008 WPA Meeting

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