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Luis B. VegaShalom!
Hi, I'm Luis Vega. I go by Lu. At our University, I am the Testing & EOP Admissions Coordinator. I wear multiple hats in providing services to students. I work in Instruction, Program Admissions to EOP, Academic Counseling & as a Statistician, I provide entrance & graduate level testing. I have taught UNIV 102 as well.

For those interested in world events, I love to study patterns in Numbers, End Times, Astronomy & 'Types and Shadows' from a Political Science point of view. The purpose of these short studies -by way of charts is to better help & instruct us to consider such patterns as they may hold a key in what happened in the Past & to what can possibly happen in the Future. Does history repeat itself? Some would say yes, others no or maybe... The research presented is in part based on speculation testing various Biblically themed theories. Facts & figures will be examined to extrapolate possible patterns; in no way are they to prove a point or have an agenda. When the theory is tested & found lacking substantially, it should be considered as such. I welcome any criticism or corrections & will adjust accordingly, time permitting.

I have several degrees & as a Political Scientist, I especially like to study recent/current events & news related to Israel, the World, Astronomy & Astro-Archaeology. I have traveled to over 18 countries on service projects helping with orphanages, Tsunami Relief, construction & Malaria projects. I am amazed at the speed in which world events are heralding to a final climax-it seems. This research is presented free, as a public service for Humanity.

You are welcome to download the charts & published articles that I have so far accomplished in my research. The charts are in PDF format. You can zoom in & increase the size without losing clarity too much. They are mainly intended for poster-size printouts. I hope all this information will be of some use to you in your studies & research in such matters.

Luis B. Vega, MA
- Academic Vitae/Resume
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The follwoing research essays and/or papers are chronicled and taken from some of the charts associated with such research. The order is from the most recent written. These essays and/or papers are written as a commentary. The perspective on various subjects will range from the esoteric, eschatological, political and/or astronomonical.
The Charts have been delineated for faster loading and reference.

84. The Blood Moon Cardinal Cross - The Ark of Deliverance is Ready
83. The Uranus Conjunction - The Coming Birthing of the AntiChrist
82. The Super Blood Moon - End of the Shmitah & Coming Economic Reset

81. The Blood Moon Alignment - A Birth & Partition of Palestine
80. The Pyramids of Zion - Luciferian Patterns of Jerusalem
79. The Gates of Orion - Heavenly Zion Patterns of Earthly Jerusalem
78. The City of the GOD(s) - Sacred Geometry of the Heavenly Temple
77. The Pleiadian London Pattern - Luciferian Zionist Masters of Mammon
76. The Dimensions of Paradise - Sacred Geometry of the Garden of Eden
75. The Equinox Eclipse - the Coming Wizard of Oz
74. The Retrograde of Mars - in Conjunction to the Start of the Tetrad
73. The Prophetic Pentecosts - Echoes of the Liberation of the Temple Mount
72. The Olivet Discourse - Prophetic Code of Restoration
71. The Blueprint of GOD's Glory - A GPS Study on Mt. Sinai in Arabia
70. The Demise of America -The Handwriting on the Wall
69. The Mathematical Murder of JFK - A Ritualistic Sacrifice
68. The Meridian Moon Alignments - Zodiac Patterns of the Tetrad
67. The Hampton Court Doomsday Pyramid Clock
66. The Alignment & Anointing of the Coming Prince
65. The Pentecost Countdown - Trilogy Eclipse Pattern
64. The Tail of Comet ISON - Speculated length & Dimensions
63. The Countdown to Armagaddon - Mathematical Probability of WWIII
62. The Hanukah Comet - ISON's Perihelion
61. The Cosmic Sign of the Virgin - Revelation 12 Symbology
60. The End of the Church Age - Hybrid Eclipse Patterns
59. The Dedication of the 3rd Temple - Retrograde of Mercury
58. The Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse
57. The Temple Abominations of Desolations
56. The Temple for the Ark of the Covenant
55. The Lion's Gate - Birthing of Venus
54. The Dragons of Atlantis - Rise of the AntiChrist
53. The Wrath of the Lamb - Cosmic Seal Judgments
52. The Giza Planetary Alignment - Pyramid Clock Time
51. The Conflict over the Birthright -Operation Pillar of Cloud
50. The Crop Circles - Alien Deceptions
49. The Unfinished Passover - Crucifixion Clock
48. The Eye of the Hurricane - Divine Interruptions
47. The Star of David - Cosmic Countdown
46. The Heralds of the Coming Age - Celestial Patterns for 2013
45. The White Horse Prophecy - The Plans for the Presidency
44. The Comet of the Century - ISON's Sensationalism
43. The Prince of Persia - Clash Between the Sons of Judah & Elam
42. The Coming Market Crash - Eclipse Cycle Patterns
41. The Rise Islamic Extremism - Prelude to the Tribulation to Come
40. The Eretz of Israel - A Prophetic Rendezvous with Destiny
39. The Triumph of Zionism - And the Great War of the 21st Century
38. The Islamic Crusades - The Effects of the Syrian Civil War
37. The Start of World War III - Stages of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
36. The Spirit of Egypt -Variables associated with the Aurora Event
35. The Dark Knight Rising - The Cosmology of Birthing of a Titan
34. The Comets of Destiny - Patterns since 1996
33. The Virgins of the Hyades - Planetary Cross Alignment
32. The New World Order - Symbols of the Luciferian Secret Societies
31. The Israeli Military Industrial Complex
30. The Total Lunar Eclipses - Patterns since the Liberation of Jerusalem

29. The Earth Chakras - In Relation to the Antropomorphic Man
28. The Pentecost Call to Assembly - Missing Feast of the Tetrad
27. The Fibonacci Solaris - Countdown to the Tetrad
26. The Temples at the Center of Phi
25. The Vesica Pisces - The End of the Church Age

25. The Ecliptic Pentecost - Celestial Menorah Patterns
24. The Georgia Guidestones - Luciferian Order Countdown
23. The Aquarian Code Hidden in the Passover
22. The Age of the Coming Prince - Earthquake & Market Patterns
21. The Moon Wars - Arab & Israeli Conflict
20. The 13 Crystal Skull - Descent of the Fallen Ones Across America
19. The 11-11-11 Gate Patterns - Heavenly Gate Portal Opening
18. The Solar Flare Patterns - Frequency Countdown
17. The Transit of Venus - A Picture of the Rapture
16. The Coming 5th Age - The Age of Aquarius
15. The Days of Noah - Judgment in the 10th Generation
14. The World Trade Towers - Start of National Judgment
13. The Last Elected U.S. President
12. The Coming Muslim-Jewish War
11. The Rise of the 4th Reich -America' Coming Downfall
10. The Coming Celestial War - 2012 Preparations
09. The Last Decade - The Mathematics of Eclispes
08. The Dissection of a Lunar Tetrad

07. The Jewish Fall Feast - In Relation to Comet Elenin
06. The Covenant with Death - Oslo Accords
05. The Phoenix Effect - Comet Lovejoy

04. The Revelation Red Dragon - Cover Ups

03. The Pleiadian Eclipse - Rise & Fall of the Phoenix
02. The Mazzaroth - The Story of the Stars

01. The 7779 Code - A Complete Judgment

Math Equation Graphic

All the publications and charts are free to download for study and educational purposes. Many of the articles have been combined and formulated into a theme in book format. The following links are to take you to those Booklets or Books that can be purchased for a study reference, personal interest or a gift to others.

Garden of Eden's Location and Restoration

The purpose of this book is to investigate and ascertain the possible geographical location of the Garden of Eden. The presumption is that certain locations in the Middle East as in temples, ziggurats, pyramids and cities both ancient and modern have been built perhaps on the very ley-lines of the dimensions of Paradise itself. This study assumes that 'Paradise' had existed geographically, if the Bible account of the Genesis is to be taken literally. Although the topic of the Garden of Eden has a multitude of possible themes to consider, only certain aspects relevant to the theory of its geography will be considered and discussed in a conceptual way.

4 Blood Moons - The Temple and the Tetrad THE TETRAD AND THE TEMPLE
Prophetic Keys to Israel's Restoration

The Olivet Discourse basically consisted of a prophetic outline or blueprint that would involve the restitution of 3 factors that have to be in place before the LORD's 2nd Coming. The factors disclosed by Christ start with the Temple, then Jerusalem and ended with Israel. Christ foretold that these 3 factors would be destroyed, in that precise order. The Olivet Discourse went on to disclose that miraculously, the same would involve a reinstitution but in reversed order at the End of Days signaled by the budding of the Fig Tree, Israel and concluding with the restitution of the 3rd Temple. If this pattern is reliable, then the 3rd Temple will be either built and/or dedicated towards the end of the 2014-15 Tetrad. The event or event(s) associated with the Tetrad of '14-'15 will be just a prophetic 'step' towards the ultimate restitution of all things as the convergence of all Biblical prophecy will culminate in Israel's redemption and the LORD Jesus Christ's 2nd Coming

Click on the thumnail for ordering information.

The Blueprints of GOD's Glory thumnail THE BLUEPRINT OF GOD'S GLORY
Sacred Coordinates & Measurments of Mt. Sinai

This booklet, with accompanied charts will illustrate the purported real Mt. Sinai mountain complex as it pertains to certain GPS coordinates and measurements. The charts will attempt to approximate the depiction of what the Mountain of GOD looked like from certain vantage points in Median, on the Arabian Peninsula using GoogleEarth satellite imagery. Specifically from the Mt. Sinai core complex, this study proposes that the topography of the mountain exhibits amazing, never before realized sacred numbers and geometry. These measurements could also possibly allude to the types and shadows of the 'Blueprints' of the whole Redemptive Plan of GOD that the Bible speaks about, past, present and future. Emphases will be placed on some parallels that occurred on Mt. Sinai with respect to the coming Rapture of GODs' People.

Click on the thumnail for ordering information. Since it is in color, it is rather expensive.


This booklete, with charts will illustrate some hidden, never before revealed aspects of GPS coordinates as they directly relate to People, Places and Time. These involve number patterns based on GPS, sacred geometry and ley-lines. Chapter one will examine the Dallas city grid and ley-lines in relation to the Kennedy assassination on November 22, 1963. Chapter two examines the Earth grid pattern of the Royals of London that might well be planned out to coordinate to certain astronomical or occultic alignments. Chapter three will look and decipher an apparent hidden 'code of years' in Earth's longitude. These degrees of longitude pertain to the pyramid that is configured on the grounds of the Hampton Court Palace west of London. These GPS coordinates will reveal that in fact, these specific longitude-to-year intervals have been marked out by design to formulate a direct association to key Persons, Places & Time.

Click on the thumnail for ordering information. Since it is in color, it is rather expensive.

The views expressed on this page are soley my personal opinions & resreach and not that of Sonoma State University. The aim is to help promote understanding, peace & tolerance on the university campus for students, faculty and staff through the studies presented through Astronomy, Eschatology, Political Science, current events etc. It does not solicit a belief to any religion, Jewish or otherwise, nor endorses a particular political party.


In compliance with SSU Web Account guidelines of not using this for publishing “of commercial or personal gain, or to provide web space to other individuals or organizations.” The content, I believe is in compliance with the SSU Web Individual Directory Guidelines of not having the site for “strictly personal use not related to the mission of the University. “

Herein is in part the compliance to the Mission of SSU:
“ help prepare students to be learned men and women who: have a foundation of life-long learning, have a broad cultural perspective. Have a keen appreciation of intellectual and aesthetic achievements.

…The quality of the educational experience at Sonoma State depends upon close human and intellectual relationships among students and faculty to foster the open exchange of ideas. The university is committed to creating a learning community in which people from diverse backgrounds and cultures are valued for the breath of their perspectives and are encouraged in their intellectual pursuits.”

Duplication permitted for educational, study and illustration purposes only. Contents protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Sonoma State Charts - Luis B. Vega grants the right for individuals to make copies of any of the original materials presented at Sonoma State Eschatology website provided that such materials are not changed in any way, retain all copyright notices and are never used for distribution for any form of monetary gain or profit.

Sonoma State University
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Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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