Math 35

Quiz 12

Dr. Wilson


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1. Simplify

2. Solve for x and check.

3. Solve the following system of equations by

a) Graphing

b) Substitution

c) Addition

and check your answer


4. Linda drove to the airport. which is 60 miles away. On the way

there, she got stuck in traffic, but on the way back the traffic was

fine. It took her 2 hours longer to get tp the airport than it did to get

back. If she was able to average 40 miles per hour faster getting

back, how long did it take her to get to the airport , and how long did

it take to get back?


5. Simplify

6. a) Express using radicals

b) Express using fractional exponents

7. Solve for x and check

3x2 - x - 5 = 0