Approved VA Programs On-Campus

List of approved programs On-Campus
Program CodeProgram Name
BCLADBCLAD (Bilingual Spanish), Multiple Subject Cred.
Inte ProgIntegrated Programs
Read CertReading Certificate
Read S CrReading Specialist Credential
Si Sub CrSingle Subject Credential, Single Subj.
Spec CredSpecialist Credential
Teac CredTeacher Credential Subject Matter
U Multi OUkiah Multiple Subject Outreach Prog.
BA AMCSBA/American Multicultural Studies
BA AnthroBA/Anthropology
BA ArtBA/ Art Concentrations in: Film and Art Studio
BA Art HisBA/Art History
BA Art St BA/Art Studio
BA BiolBA/Biology
BA CALSBA/ Chicano and Latino Studies
BA CJABA/Criminal Justice Administration
BA ChemBA/Chemistry
BA ComsBA/Communication Studies
BA ENSPBA/Environmental Studies
BA EconBA/Economics
BA EnglBA/English
BA FrBA/French
BA GeogBA/Geography
BA GeolBA/Geology
BA GlobBA/Global Studies
BA HDBA/Human Development
BA HistBA/History
BA HutchinsBA Liberal Arts Hutchins
BA ITDSBA/Special Majors
BA Libs NABA Liberal Studies (Napa)
BA Libs UBA/Liberal Studies (Ukiah)
BA MathBA/Mathematics
BA MusBA/Music
BA PhilBA/Philosophy
BA PhysBA/Physics
BA PolsBA/Political Science
BA PsyBA/Psychology
BA SociBA/Sociology
BA SpanBA/Spanish
BA TharBA/Theatre Arts
BA WGSBA/Women's & Gender Studies
BFABachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
BS BiolBS/Biology
BS BusBS/Business Administration
BS CSBS/Computer Science
BS ChemBS/Chemistry
BS ENSPBS/Environmental Studies
BS Engin SBS/Engineering Science
BS GeolBS/Geology
BS ITDSBS/Special Majors
BS KinBS/Kinesiology
BS MathBS/Mathematics
BS NursBS/Nursing
MA CRMGMA/Cultural Resources MGMT (Anthropology)
MA CounMA/Counseling
MA EducMA/Education
MA EnglMA/English
MA HistMA/History
MA ITDSMA/Interdisciplinary Studies (ITDS)
MA KinMA/Kinesiology
MA PsyMA Psychology, through Special Sessions
MBAMaster of Business Administration
MPAMaster of Public Administration
MS BiolMS/Biology
MS CS & ENMS/Computer & Engineering Science
MS ITDS MS/Interdisciplinary Studies (ITDS)
MS NursMS/Nursing
Mul Sub CrMultiple Subj. Credential, Multiple Subj.