Rohnert Park Nutrient Loading

Project Description: Is Rohnert Park contributing to nutrient loading into the Laguna de Santa Rosa?
  • How do levels of ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, TKN, nitrogen, orthophosphate, and phosphorus change in Copeland Creek in different regions (rural, residential, downstream of agricultural runoff, and at the Laguna)?
  • How to these levels change over time (September vs. October vs. November)?
  • What effect does the first major rainfall of the season have on these levels?

Duration: Spring 2014 - ongoing

Type of Educational Activities: Service-learning

Project Faculty: Jackie Guilford (ENSP), Mark Perri (Chemistry), Mike Cohen (Biology)

Partners/Funding: Sonoma County Water Agency; The Digital/Critical Cohort

Participating Courses:

  • ENSP 450 Sustainable Water Technology and Toxicology - Guilford
  • BIOL 340 General Bacteriology - Cohen
  • BIOL 338 (Spring) Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology - Cohen

Sampling Locations (exact locations pending)

  • Furthest upstream on Laguna: Rural site.  Commerce.
  • Upstream of Sonoma State campus. 
  • Sonoma State Campus site 
  • Laguna de Santa Rosa at Stony Point. 

Sampling Schedule - Students sample at all four sites on October 3rd, November 7th, and first flush (the day after the first significant rainfall of the season). 

Target Variables and Protocols - The following nutrients will be submitted to a certified laboratory for testing:

Quality Assurance and Control (also see data disclaimer) - Students meet with SCWA staff Jeff Church for training and initial sampling on September 5th. All water samples are tested by a certified laboratory.

Data: (see data disclaimer)

  • pending

Poster Presentations:

  • pending

Drainage Maps of Copeland Creek Watershed: