Katheryn Linderme

Katie Linderme is a senior here at Sonoma State, and a returning writing center tutor. She is a Hutchins Major with a concentration in Human Development, and one day hopes to use her skills to become a fourth grade teacher. When she is not working at the writing center, she can also be seen as the coordinator to the Freshman Leadership Program (FLP). She loves working with students to help them not only feel connected at SSU, but to also feel confident in their writing as well. When she is not tutoring or coordinating FLP, she is usually reading anything she can get her hands on, drawing people, obsessing over her amazing cats (Billy and Sookie), singing and dancing like a spazz, and buying lots and lots of shoes (especially boots). Katie is very excited to return to the Writing Center, and is very excited to learn and grow in her own writing. Please feel free to talk to her about anything you wish!