Merissa Roffey

I am currently in my senior year at Sonoma State University. I am studying Music Education with a jazz studies minor. Summed up, I am taking as many music units that one can fit into a single degree. Although I always have a crazy schedule I still love what I am studying. Along with my studies, I also work two jobs. My first one is as a writing tutor on campus in the writing center. My second job is at Joan and Sanford Weill Hall, as a ticket taker. Even though both of my jobs are very different, I love them both. With what little free time I have, I spend it volunteering at Rancho Cotate High School’s Marching Band and Colorguard program. I am Rancho’s visual instructor, meaning I teach the students how to march and do different visual effects, I am also Rancho’s colorguard instructor, I run the color guard rehearsals and choreograph the majority of their shows. I am currently working on a novel, but that most likely will not be finished for a few years.