Welcome to the Sociology Department!

Programs Offered

The Department of Sociology offers a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in Sociology.

Sociology club membersSociological research attempts to improve the human condition within the context of a strong tradition of social justice and human equality. Society shapes attitudes, goals, hopes and aspirations, and personal preferences. Society affects individuals, groups, and entire nations. Yet at the same time that society is shaping the individual, the individual is shaping society. In order to understand oneself and others, to understand the world, to understand the future, one has to understand society. Sociology is the discipline that studies groups and societies—what they are, how they got that way, and what impact they have.

Internship ClassSociology is a field with diverse areas of study. These range from the behavior of the individual as a social actor to the structure of entire societies. Key topics include social psychology, socialization, deviant behavior, group behavior, organizations and institutions, power, inequality, and social change. Major social institutions, including the family, education, religion, social welfare, medicine, work, politics, leisure, and the media, are also explored in detail. To develop skills for studying society, students are introduced to valuable techniques such as survey research, sampling, observational methods, content analysis, experimentation, interviewing, and computer applications in research.


Public Announcement

Sonoma State University is hereby notifying the general public that the sociology major will be a declared impacted program for the fall 2016 term. If you are planning to apply for the fall 2016 admission cycle, be sure to review the additional admission requirements for the major by visiting our admission page. If you have questions about this public notice, please call the Office of Student Outreach and Recruitment at (707) 664-3029 or email at gustavo.flores@sonoma.edu

In addition, Sonoma State University representatives will hold the following informational public meetings regarding this change:

Where: Santa Rosa Junior College, Doyle Library, room 4246
When: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 from 5-6pm

Where: Napa Valley College, The Community Room, room 1731
When: Thursday, February 19, 2015 from 5-6pm

Where: Dominican University, Angelico Hall,  room 2116
When: Friday, February 20, 2015 from 5-6pm