School of Education

The School of Education houses the following departments and programs:

  • Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education (CSSE)
  • Educational Leadership and Special Education (ELSE)
  • Literacy Studies and Elementary Education (LSEE)

More than 200 new teachers are prepared for California every year. The joint doctoral program with UC Davis prepares leaders for P-12 and Community Colleges, with more than 60 students currently enrolled in the program . All credential and degree programs emphasize working effectively with students from diverse backgrounds and with English Language Learners, as well as promoting social justice. All programs have integrated field experiences in area P-12 schools

Three significant funded initiatives currently underway:

  • EnACT—federally funded grant to educate faculty about the universal design for learning
  • Science and Mathematics Teacher Recruitment and Retention Initiative (SMTRI)
  • H. Andrea Neves and Barton Evans Social Justice Lecture Series (in collaboration with the School of Social Sciences).