Campus Reengineering Committee

Membership 2014-2015

Larry Furukawa-Schlereth
Chair, CFO and Vice President for Administration and Finance
Andrew Rogerson
Provost, CAO and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dan Condron
Vice President for University Affairs
Nathan Johnson
Executive Director of Risk Management, Internal Control and Chief of Police
Matthew Lopez-Phillips
Vice President for Student Affairs and Chief Student Affairs Officer
Steven Berry
Senior Director of Development, Green Music Center
David Crozier
Senior Director for University Financial Services, Administration and Finance
Christopher Dinno
Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance
Bill Fusco
Senior Director, Athletics, Administration and Finance
Ian Hannah
University Treasurer, Administration and Finance
Nicole Hendry
Director, Housing, Administration and Finance
Tyson Hill
Senior Director, Risk Management, Administration and Finance
Alicia Hodenfield
Administrative Manager and Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Administration and Finance - Staff to CRC
Carol Ingerman
Director of Campus Planning, Facilities Management, Administration and Finance
Tammy Kenber
Senior Director for Human Resources, Administration and Finance
Laura Lupei
Senior Director, University Budget, Administration and Finance
Neil Markley
Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance
Sally Miller
Deputy Chief of Police and Senior Director, Police and Parking Services, Administration and Finance
Brian Orr
Senior Director for Tax, Policy & Compliance, Administration and Finance
Melissa Sanders
Senior Director for Communications, Green Music Center
Frank Scalercio
Special Assistant to the Vice President, Adminstration and Finance
Amanda Visser
Senior Director for Auxiliary Financial Services
Jason Wenrick
Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance / CIO
Jeff Wilson
Senior Director for Sponsored Programs and Administration and Strategic Intiatives Management
Peter Williams
Senior Director for Popular Programming, Green Music Center
Julie Barnes
Administrative Manager, School of Science and Technology
Matt Benney
Associate Vice Presidentf for Academic Support
Mike Kiraly
Director of Library Operations
Shawn Kilat
Director of Budget, Academic and Student Affairs
Jason Lau
Executive Director of Business/Program Operations, Extended Education
Richard Senghas
Chair of the Faculty
Kirsten Ely
Vice-Chair of the Faculty
Margaret Purser
Immediate Past Chair of the Faculty
David McCuan
Faculty, Social Sciences
Paula Lane
Faculty, Education
Daniel Malpica
Faculty, Arts and Humanities
Jack Ou
Faculty, Science and Technology
Mike Visser
Faculty, Business and Economics
Deborah Roberts
Faculty, Representative at Large, Statewide Senator
Edie Brown
Faculty SSP Representative
Peter Neville
Executive Director, Student Union
Erik Dickson
Executive Director, Associated Students
Anthony Gallino
Student, President, Associated Students 2014-15
Adam Rosenkranz
Student, Vice President of Finance, Associated Students 2014-15
Brandon Mercer
Student Representative
updated February 13, 2015