Degree Requirements for the M.A. in Cultural Resources Management

The design of the course of study as a 2.5-3 year program presumes that students are enrolled full time and not working. Experience with the program so far indicates that working students cannot successfully carry full graduate loads. Consequently, it takes longer than 3 years for working students to complete our program of study.

Course descriptions are available in the SSU online catalog. For additional information about the M.A. degree program, please view the CRM Graduate Handbook.

Required courses are:

  • ANTH 500 Proseminar: 4 units
  • HIST 472 California History I: 4 units
  • ANTH 502 Archaeology: History and Theory: 3 units
  • ANTH 503 Seminar in Cultural Resources Management: 3 units
  • ANTH 592 Practicum in National Register of Historic Places: 2 units
  • ANTH 596/597 Internships: 3 units
  • ANTH 595 Thesis Prospectus: 1 unit
  • ANTH 599A/B Thesis: 4 units
  • Supporting Courses: 6 units

Total units in the CRM degree: 30