The Student Government of the Associated Students exists to serve the students at Sonoma State University through awareness, advocacy and representation.

The AS Senate serves as the official voice for all students of Sonoma State University.

Students Government also works to empower students of Sonoma State University to engage in shared governance, representing the student perspective to members of the campus community through leadership and active citizenship.

Meet the Officers

Meet the officers that make up your student government body. See what positions are open and get in contact with the students who represent you!
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Meeting Minutes

The AS Senate meets regularly to discuss business of the Associated Students including, programs, services, operations, fiscal management, student issues and legislative activity. Below you can find the minutes for each board. Join us in the Student Center Fridays at 1pm for our meetings which are open to the public.


As the official representative voice for all Sonoma State University students, the Associated Students appoints students to serve on University committees, alongside, faculty, staff and administrators. University Committees provide counsel to the University regarding planning, academics, student life and a variety of issues.

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Get Involved

The Associated Students exists to provide opportunities that enhance the student experience at Sonoma State University. The Associated Students provides programs and services, offers events and activities and aids in the learning experience for SSU students.


The Bylaws, Codes and Policies provide the ASI Senate and staff with the governing, rules and operating procedures for managing. The Bylaws for the Associated Students establish rules regarding the governing of the organization.

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Codes establish the composition, procedures and direction for elected officers, boards and activities of the organization.

Chair Duties & Responsibilites
Elected Officer Duties & Responsibilities
Internal Affairs Board
Personnel Committee
Elections Commissioner Code

Lobby Corps

The Sonoma State Lobby Corps is the advocacy branch of AS, comprised of Sonoma State students who lobby at local, state, and federal levels and organize events regarding higher education issues.

We provide seminars and training sessions that teach students how to actively participate in the legislative process. Students learn how to coordinate visits to their state representatives to ensure that their representatives know where they stand on issues of higher education.

The mission of the Sonoma State Lobby Corps is to inform, educate, and involve students in the democratic process by effectively lobbying policy makers pertaining to higher education on behalf of the students at Sonoma State.

To apply to Lobby Corp click here or contact Bernadtte Butkiwicz at