About Us

Join Us Making Progress (JUMP) is the co-curricular service learning branch of the Associated Students. JUMP utilizes a student run and staff supported leadership model. As a student run non-profit we coordinate SSU volunteers, inspire and develop new student leaders, and build community partnerships.


Join Us Making Progress (JUMP), the community service program of the Associated Students Inc., provides Sonoma State University students the opportunity for personal growth, leadership, and education through service to the campus and the community. By organizing service and advocacy opportunities in response to our community's needs, JUMP encourages students to pursue purposeful action and education while promoting change and impacting our world.

Vision and Values:
The following vision and values statements aim to provide a framework for student development and programmatic accountability. Join Us Making Progress aims to:

  • Provide intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development to student's engaged in co-curricular service-learning
  • Deliver needed services to Sonoma State's six county service area
  • Provide student leadership opportunities on and off campus
  • Advocate for social responsibility within the College community, as well as Nationally
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills and engage student citizens in a democratic framework
  • Foster exploration in careers for the common good through experiential education
  • Encourage collaboration with students, community partners, faculty, and staff