Minor in Biology

The minor consists of a minimum of 20 units in biology with a GPA fo 2.00 or higher. The purpose of the minor is to provide the student with a rigorous background in biology that supplements the student's major.

Students must develop a program in consultation with a faculty advisor in the Department of Biology. Requirements of the Biology Minor are:

Two of the following courses (8 units):

Biol 121 Diversity, Structure and Function - 4 units
Biol 122 Genetics, Evolution and Ecology - 4 units
Biol 123 Molecular and Cell Biology - 4 units


Twelve additional Biology units - 12 units

At least eight of these units must be upper division courses for majors and at least one of those must have a laboratory. Only one GE course in biology or a third lower-division biology major's course can be applied to the minor, as well as one unit of Biology Colloquium (Biol 390).

All courses applied to the biology minor must be taken for a letter grade, except Biol 390.