Feminist Lecture Series: "Arab & Muslim Organizing in the US"

Sep 30, 2019 , 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Stevenson 1002
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Lecture: "Arab & Muslim Organizing in the US: Solidarity, Internationalism, and Palestine" Speaker: Lara Kiswani, Arab Resource & Organizing Center. Through local grassroots organizing, AROC challenges militarism, repression and racism while centering the leadership of those most impacted. What are lessons from recent wins, and challenges? How can our movements be best prepared to defend against repression and the onslaught of attacks on our communities? And how does an internationalist framework within local work build out solidarity, widen and deepen organizing efforts, and challenge US imperialism? The Feminist Lecture Series is part of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department’s Gender Studies Program Series and is made possible by funding from the SSU Instructionally Related Activities Program. For more information, contact lober@sonoma.edu

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September 30, 2019
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