Sonoma Film Institute: MATEWAN

Open to the Public
Apr 14, 2023 , 7:00pm
Warren Auditorium in Ives Hall
Sonoma Film Institute
Admission Fees
FREE / $5 Donation suggested

Filmed in the coal country of West Virginia, John Sayles’ stunning MATEWAN celebrates labor organizing in the context of a 1920s work stoppage. Union organizer, Joe Kenehan (a very early film starring the amazing Chris Cooper), a scab named "Few Clothes" Johnson (James Earl Jones) and a sympathetic mayor and police chief heroically fight the power represented by a coal company and MATEWAN's vested interests.

Released: 1987
Run time: 135 min.

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Film poster for 'Matewan' featuring a black and white image of people walking along train tracks
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April 14, 2023
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