SSU Math Colloquium Presents: MATH FEST: Social Justice, “Citizenship,” Community, And Math Education

Apr 21, 2021 , 4:00pm - 5:00pm
SSU Math Colloquium
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The Sonoma State University Department of Mathematics and Statistics presents Carrie Diaz Eaton, Bates College Information is a form of power, and our students consume and produce more unfiltered information than ever. They need agency as individuals and tools as mem- bers of a future workforce to ethically and responsibly process this information. What is the role of mathematics instruction in helping students in their role as digital citizens? I will talk about my information literacy course using Open Educational Resources, including Calling Bull, Figure of the Day, and RStudio. This course serves as a forum to think meaningfully about probability, data analysis, and data visualization; a gentle introduction to programming; and a context to examine the interplay of information, power, and social justice. It also asks students to use these tools to explore and develop their own agency as digital citizens. I close by examining the narrative of citizenship in the context of digital studies, in the context of mathematics, and in the context of Latinx displacement and immigration. Series supported by Instructionally-Related Activities Funds. For more information about this series, go to


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April 21, 2021
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