War and Peace Lecture Series: Palestine/Israel

Sep 18, 2019 , 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Warren Auditorium, Ives Hall
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The War & Peace Lecture Series is a multi-disciplinary program that has provided the campus community with cultural enrichment since 1986. An integral component of a well-rounded higher education, the series currently functions as a public lecture and upper-division course (ENGL 304). It presents civilian and military speakers who discuss current topics such as state crimes against democracy, the intelligence community and the need for transparency, peace and sustainability, the scientific underpinnings of modern warfare, and the power and promise of non-violent movements. Topic this week: Palestine/Israel: Context, Questions, Reflections. Speakers: Therese Mughannam, Linda Sartor, and Laure Reichek, Peace Activists.

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September 18, 2019
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