About Us

Who are Sonoma State University Students?

Sonoma State University is an undergraduate and graduate institution that offers a well-rounded education to all students. Students come to Sonoma State University from California, the U.S., and all over the world. They bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the campus exhibited in both in-class learning and through leadership development on campus.

Sonoma State University Academics

Each student is required to complete a general education pattern of 48 to 51 units of foundation courses in areas such as communication and critical thinking, natural sciences and mathematics, humanities, social sciences, and the integrated person. Graduates of Sonoma State University will have received a holistic education by combining both the general education requirements and their specific majors. Students choose from over 50 undergraduate and graduate majors in 6 schools at Sonoma State University. These Schools include:

  • School of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Business and Economics
  • School of Education
  • School of Natural Sciences
  • School of Social Sciences
  • School of Extended Education

Sonoma State University Leadership Development

Sonoma State University offers numerous clubs and organizations on campus ranging from academic support organizations to recreational clubs to student advocacy groups. Many students at Sonoma State University have participated in these organizations and eventually go on to be campus leaders. Students also have the option to enroll in a semester long leadership development course and practical lab to hone their leadership skills. Every spring, approximately 150 students enroll in these classes and go on to be leaders on campus or in their communities.

Who are Sonoma State University Graduates?

Graduates of Sonoma State University go on to be leaders in many careers. Some students further their education with graduate study whereas some go immediately into the workforce in various career fields.

Why Hire a Sonoma State University Graduate?

Hiring a Sonoma graduate will provide you with an employee who has received an education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, has the ability to think critically and ethically, and can use information technology. Instructional programs at Sonoma State University are designed to challenge students not only to acquire knowledge but also to develop the skills of critical analysis, careful reasoning, creativity and self-expression.

Graduates of Sonoma State University, in addition to receiving a holistic academic experience, have also been given opportunities to learn cutting edge technology. Sonoma State University provides students the ability to learn and refine their technology and computer skills in and out of the classroom.

Graduates from Sonoma State University can offer a well-rounded educational background, computer and technological proficiency, as well as a leadership development and training.