Internship Program


Welcome to the place where students find jobs and employers find interns.

Internships are educational programs that give students the opportunity to gain practical work experience and academic credit at the same time. These are supervised programs of work and study which allow students working within the media industry settings to apply skills and knowledge obtained in the course of their studies.

COMS students are required to obtain an internship as a way to gain more experience in a professional setting within the media industry. Students are responsible for securing their own position, filling out and submitting the required forms in order to be enrolled in COMS 499. As a graduation requirement, students must fulfill at least 4 units for COMS 499 which is equivalent to 180 hours at your internship.

Students: Please plan for your internship as early as possible. Once the semster begins, you only have a couple of weeks to get all your paperwork completed. Remember internships must be media related. You are your own best resource for finding an internship that you will enjoy. Watch your email as we frequently send internship annoucements out to our majors. We also post all internships that come in outside the COMS offices in NH 330. Ianthe Brautigan Swensen ( is an excellet resource, so plan on seeing her early. It's best to coordinate your internship the semester before you are enrolling in the class.

Students - internships lead directly to job offers. Read this article about the benefits of getting an internship. (http:// )


Summer Internships:

    Internships MUST be media related.

    Download and fill out all internship forms for summer. Click the "forms" link on the left hand side of this page.

    Students can sign up for 1-4 units at a time. 1 unit = 45 hours, 2 units = 90, 3 units = 135, and 4 unit = 180 hours.

    To enroll, students must first download all 4 of the Coms internship forms from the department web page "forms" and secure the required signatures. These must be collected in the following order:

    1. The internship supervisor at the media outlet signs the internship agreement form (Form #1) where indicted.

    2. The student signs BOTH the internship agreement forms (Form # 1) AND memorandum (Form # 3). Be sure to clearly indicate the number of units requested (1-4). Also fill out the contact form (Form # 2) including the best email addresses for the student and internship supervisor. Forms 1-3 must be hand delivered to the SSU Coms internship faculty coordinator (Dr. Burch, NH 328, for summer). Form #4 should be given to the internship supervisor. The internship supervisor should complete and submit Form #4 by the end of the semester (see syllabus for due date).

    3. The internship faculty supervisor fills out the agreement form and signs it. A course syllabus will be emailed to students the first day of the semester.

    4. Students must collect the signed internship agreement form (Form #1) from the faculty coordinator and take it to the School of Extended Education (STEVENSON 1012) which registers them for the class. The signed form will be available for pick up outside Dr. Burch's office.

    Additional notes: Students are strongly encouraged to meet the internship faculty coordinator in advance of enrollment to discuss internship possibilities and requirements. Students may do summer internships anywhere in the world. They do not have to remain at SSU. Students may only receive credit for work related to media activities. Non-media related jobs cannot double as media internships. COMS 499 is taught as a special session course that runs from June to August. Students may have additional time to register if they need to locate an internship (be sure to check for deadlines). Students who sign up after the official beginning of summer term may submit PDFs of signed forms to the faculty coordinator via email. Once approved, students contact Extended Ed to enroll. It is the student's responsibility to collect the required signatures, the course syllabus, and check for class information throughout the semester at the Seawolf email account. In addition, students MUST meet all required deadlines of the course. Students who miss the final deadline for submission of the final supervisor evaluation form (Form 4) will receive an F for the semester (see syllabus for all deadlines, etc). For additional questions please contact Dr. Burch.

    Students will receive the course syllabus once they have registered and the term begins. Please let Dr. Burch know if you did not receive your syllabus at the beginning of the summer term

      Fall/Spring Internships:

      There is not a class meeting to go along with the internship class. All fall and spring internships will be handled by the Arts and Humanities Internship coordinator, Ianthe Brautigan Swensen  Ianthe’s office is located in Carson Hall 62. 

      The form you need to register for your internship is the Internship Agreement form which can be found here at the left hand side of this page or here.

      Once you have met with Ianthe, you will take your internship agreement form to Billie Johnson in Nichols 330. And if you have any questions about any of this please don’t hesitate to call the COMS office (707) 664-2149.

    • You will need 4 units of internship credit to graduate with a COMS degree. Students can sign up for 1-4 units at a time. 1 unit = 45 hours, 2 units = 90, 3 units = 135, and 4 unit = 180 hours.
    • You can't register for the COMS 499 internship online. You must fill out the papwerwork (all forms can be found on the left hand side of this page) and turn them into the internship advisor with appropriate signatures. You will be added to the class manually.



    Our students are generally looking for internships at the beginning of each semester. A great time to send internship announcements is in late July/early August, late December/Early January, and around graduation time in May. This is when students should be planning for and registering for classes.

    Students are required to have 4 units of internship credit to graduate as a COMS major. Students can sign up for 1-4 units at a time. 1 unit = 45 hours, 2 units = 90, 3 units = 135, and 4 unit = 180 hours.

    Send your job announcements to our office by email and we will forward them to our students and post a print copy in our department. They will be sent out when you send them to us. You are welcome to resend announcements at different times during the semester. Send all announcements to (