Depth Psychology: MA Program


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The Depth Psychology community brings together students and faculty from many different fields who share common qualities such as curiosity, self-reflectiveness, thoughtfulness, and a zeal to explore the richness of human experience. Some are scholars, some are artists, some are scientists, some are businesspersons, some are environmentalists, some are activists, some are introverts, some are mythologists.

2007 Dream Conference

The commitment to explore the path of human development is a thread of pearls that links the community.

Myrtle painting



Dianne Julie Linda

class of 2011 Thesis Evening



Attend Article Evening

Class of 2016 Depth PsychologyHear the graduating master's students present their culminating work on Thurs May 19, 6 - 9 pm in the Cooperage.



Yes, we're currently accepting applications for fall 2016.