Become a Middle or High School Teacher

The Single Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach in a departmentalized classroom. A departmentalized classroom is one in which the teacher specializes in his/her subject area and teaches that single subject only. Students go to their respective classes in different departments rather than being taught all subjects in one self-contained classroom. Single subjects are taught primarily at the secondary level, but some subjects (i.e., art, music, and physical education) may be taught by a single subject teacher at the elementary level.

Some middle/high schools have self-contained classrooms, in which a variety of subjects are taught to the same group of students by the same teacher. In those less common types of middle/high schools, the teacher would need a Multiple Subject Credential.

chemistry illustration Teaching Science and Mathematics

Noyce Scholarship Program

The Noyce Scholarship Program for Math and Science Teachers at SSU seeks to encourage talented science, technology engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Economics majors and professionals to consider the teaching profession. The demand STEM teachers is high. Each Noyce Scholar receives a maximum of three years of scholarship support of $10,000 per year. Read more.

Foundational Level Mathematics or
Foundational Level General Science Credential

If you already are a credentialed teacher who wants to teach Math or Science, Project SMTRI at the SSU School of Education has a program that will help prepare you to earn a Foundational Level Credential in either Math and Science. Read more.