Special Education MA Program Description

Special Education Program Concentration Coursework (9-12 units)

Candidates must apply 9-12 of these units toward their M.A. degree.

  • EDSP 512 (3 units): Advanced Issues in Assessment, Curriculum, & Instruction of Students with Disabilities
  • EDSP 513 (3 units): Current and Emerging Research and Practice in Special Education
  • EDSP 514 (3 units): Advanced Communication, Collaboration, & Consultation in Special Education
  • EDSP 515 (3 units): Advanced Legal Issues in Special Education

Electives (6-18 units)

Candidates have the opportunity to seek breadth or depth in a related area of study through completion of elective courses. The number of elective units needed to complete the M.A. degree requirements varies depending upon the M.A. pathway selected. Elective coursework may be drawn from other graduate programs in the School of Education, or other departments at Sonoma State University, such as psychology, counseling, kinesiology, or others. These courses are selected with the advice and approval of the M.A. advisor.


All M.A. candidates within the Special Education concentration will be assigned to a special education faculty advisor for the purpose of developing an individualized program of study. Electives will be determined in consideration with the advisor, in an effort to provide a broader or deeper program of study that responds to varying student interests.

Professional Portfolio

All Level II Education Specialist credential students are required to develop and maintain a Professional Portfolio in the Level II program. This portfolio is a continuation of the Preliminary Level I Program Portfolio that is based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. In addition, all M.A. candidates are required to prepare an M.A. portfolio throughout their course of study. Although the focus of each portfolio is different, there is some overlap given they both include professional writing samples and a record of the students' professional reflections of the impact of their graduate study on their educational practice. Level II students, therefore, will include entries from their M.A. Portfolio in their Level II Portfolio. Candidates outside the Level II program will review the portfolio requirements with their M.A. advisor to determine the purpose and focus of their M.A. portfolio.

For more information, please contact either:
School of Education Office (664-3115) Department of Educational Leadership and Special Education at (707) 664-3238