MSCES Registration

Refer to Academic Calendar to see when instructions begin

The registration form can be found here: Registration Form.

All conditionally accepted MSCES students must complete their pre-requisite courses prior to registering for CES courses. Once all the pre-requisite courses are completed, please fill out the MSCES Academic Status Form and have it signed by your Graduate Coordinator. Your pre-requisite courses have been listed in the official acceptance letter you have received from the university. You can register for your ES pre-requisite courses through the Open University Program. If you have any question, please contact our Admin Coordinator: Ms. Ronnie Goodlund Salazar Hall #2004.

Please note that application deadlines for Fall and Spring semesters are July 1st and November 1st, respectively. Note that students interested in living on campus may consider submitting their applications in advance in order to meet the deadline for campus housing.