Minor in Environmental Studies and Planning (ENSP)

Completing an ENSP minor can add an important environmental dimension to your studies in other majors. If you are considering an ENSP minor, we highly recommend meeting with an ENSP faculty member to choose 20 units that build a coherent program of knowledge and skills to augment your major. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required to declare the minor, and all 20 units must be taken in residence at SSU. Due to impaction, we typically accept ENSP major & minor applications twice a year (Fall and Spring). When adding a minor, you must complete the entire Admission Application process which includes attaching a copy of your unofficial transcripts, an essay, and a completed Change of Major form.

Minor in ENSP

Students with a more general interest in the environment may be best served by choosing 20 units from the following list of courses:

Courses in ENSP Minor (Choose 20 units)
Course Units
ENSP 200 Global Environmental Issues 3
ENSP 201 Environmental Forum 1
ENSP 302 Applied Ecology 4
ENSP 303 Applied Physical Science 4
ENSP 305L Computer Aided Communications 3
ENSP 306 Environmental Ethics 3
ENSP 307 Environmental History 4
ENSP 308 Environmental Literature 3
ENSP 310 Introduction to Planning 3
ENSP 324 Agroecology 2
ENSP 330 Energy, Technology, and Society 4
ENSP 401 Environmental Policy 4
ENSP 404 Environmental Law 3
ENSP 405 Qualitative Research Methods 2-3
ENSP 440 Education and the Environment 4
ENSP 444 Outdoor Leadership 3

In addition, ENSP offers more specialized classes in professional tracks that can be selected to create a more targeted minor. Please note that some classes have prerequisites.

Specialized Professional Tracks
Track Course Units
Conservation and Restoration: ENSP 322 Conservation Biology 4
ENSP 326 A&B Native Plant Propagation 3
ENSP 421 Natural Resource Issues in the American West 3
ENSP 422 Special Topics in Conservation and Restoration 2-4
ENSP 423 Environmental Restoration 4
ENSP 425 Restoration Seminar 3
ENSP 427 Conservation Design 3
Energy Management and Design ENSP 337 Thermal Energy Management 3-4
ENSP 338 Electrical Energy Management 3-4
ENSP 403 Computer Modeling 3
ENSP 430 Energy Forum 1-2
ENSP 437 Passive Solar Design 3-4
ENSP 438 Small-Scale Energy Sources 3-4
Environmental Education and Outdoor Leadership ENSP 442 Methods and Models in Education and the Environment 3
Planning ENSP 311 Planning Theory and Methodology 4
ENSP 314 Urban Design l: The Urban Form 3
ENSP 315 Environmental Impact Reporting 3
ENSP 414 Urban Design II: Placemaking 3
ENSP 415 Land Use Law 4
ENSP 416 Environmental Planning 3-4
ENSP 417 Urban Design 3
ENSP 418 Planning for Sustainable Communities 3
ENSP 419 Transportation Planning 3
Water Quality Technology ENSP 350 Hazardous Materials Management 3
ENSP 450 Water Technology 3
ENSP 451 Water Regulation 4

Please contact our ENSP minor advisor Prof. Tom Jacobson to help tailor a plan to best suit your interests: 664-3144 or tom.jacobson@sonoma.edu.