Craft Beer Appreciation Certificate

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Herlinda Heras

About The Program

The certificate program of Craft Beer Appreciation will provide students with a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the beer industry, and will include the brewing process, the business of beer, and beer appreciation. It will touch on all major aspects of the beer industry, with a special emphasis on the craft beer segment, as well as California state and local opportunities and challenges.

This class is designed to give students a broad understanding and overview of the brewing industry. The 36 hours of class time are divided each week into three one-hour sessions where industry professionals will present to students in their area of expertise and experience. The course is also divided into three tracks, with the first one to discuss the brewing process and the primary ingredients. The second track will cover the business of beer from ground to glass and the many types of businesses necessary for that journey to occur, along with the legal and regulatory structure one must navigate. The third track will enhance the student's appreciation of beer with sensory analysis, pairing beer with food, and specifically cheese and chocolate, along with at least one in-class tasting per class, usually in the final hour. Most weeks will include one session from each track so there's always something interesting every week, regardless of your own personal focus.

Throughout the ten weeks, students will be exposed to many of the most influential and experienced people in the brewing industry and its related fields. In addition to learning their personal stories and their professional trials and tribulations, students will also make valuable contacts to help guide them through the next phase of their careers or simply become more knowledgeable about the modern brewing industry today.

Must be 21 years or older to enroll.

No prerequisites